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About The Journey

Welcome to MIB, that's Med Interventions and Beyond Pvt Ltd., a company dedicated to providing high-quality and innovative products for your well-being. Today, we'll introduce you to our flagship product, The Multi-Mask.

The Multi-Mask isn't just another face mask. It's the result of a realisation that there are a lot of industries that need masking, but all of them use different types of masks. If you look at it deeper, you will find that a mask can be divided into two main parts, First part is the body that sits on the face to create a secure air-tight seal, and second part is the filter, specific to the type that's required in that industry. Additionally, the standard masks till 2020 were not created for any tech inclusion that is possible these days. 

So after 2 years of development, learning from the evolution of the DSLR camera where the lenses could be changed according to need, we created the world's first modular mask which has a mount that allows various kinds of filters, technology and functionalities to be snap fitted onto it. On top of that, even a shield can be mounted on the mask itself, reducing the need of more straps around the head. We now have the patent for modularity in a mask.


The comfort comes from the soft silicone bio compatible material creating a secure and comfortable seal. The transparent front cap improves hygiene and allows for visual communication.

The Multi-Mask is easy to adjust, with multiple points of adjustment to suit your personal preferences. And the headband makes it quick and easy to put on and take off, with no strings around your ears.

The most innovative aspect of the Multi-Mask is its modularity. Various filter materials can be used and just these filter materials can be removed and replaced, reducing the recurring cost. The long term waste footprint is less than 1/3rd compared to even a fabric surgical mask.

For future readiness, as new technologies emerge, like electronic filters, Bluetooth microphones, they can easily be adapted to the mask.

This is the reason Multi-Mask can be used across industries such as healthcare, chemical, paint, pollution etc. If you need a mask that doesnt exist, chances are we can retrofit your requirement on the Multi-Mask.

To sum it up, Multi-Mask is a comfortable, multi-functional, future ready face mask with an attachable shield. Please mail to order the mask for your business needs.

Meet The Team

Deepak Pathania

Founder / Director

Serial Inventor, Educator.

Industrial Designer.

National Institute of Design Ahmedabad.

Shilpa Salgia

Co-Founder / Director

Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Technologies.

Mentoring businesses for 7 years.

Screenshot 2023-03-02 at 4.30.32 PM.png

Hemal Lad

Product Head

Industrial Designer, 

MIT ID, Pune.

Kanishk Kharbanda

Co-Founder / Director

Product Commercialization. Global Health. Life Sciences. Innovative Technologies.

Duke University [MBA]

Manipal Institute of Technology [BE]

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